Covid-19 has created so much devastation on the lives of people and on the global economy that the experts are opining that there is no returning to normal after Covid-19. But, there is a path forward. 

The impact of force majeure events like the Covid-19 pandemic on the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry shall be seen in two phases.

  1. Transient phase, that will see significant challenges in operations
  2. Enduring phase, that will see challenges that can be destructive to the sector
This whitepaper explores,
  • The post-Covid19 trends in the banking and financial services industry
  • The measures to take in order to prepare for the future
  • The critical role of Quality Assurance in revamping digital services
  • Why Robotic Test Automation is a viable choice
Strengthen your business continuity plan with the long-term view of post Covid-19 era.

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